Volleyball Net

Be the life of the party with the Airgoal Volleyball net. This volleyball package will allow you to play from the sands of Waikiki to the Planet Mars.
Made out our Super strong Tyrelene materials and our Nitro tested pliable technology. This volleyball net is a winner.
Height is 8 feet tall and the length is 28 feet wide.

It weights 16 pounds with all the Accessories.

The Volleyball net includes:
1. Volleyball posts with Net (1)
2. Medium Yellow pump (1)
3. Duffle Bag (1)
4 Foot Stands (8)
5. Foot Stand Protectors (2)
6. Large Sand Bags or Water bags (8)
7. Instruction Kit (1)
8. Repair Kit (1)
9. Back Up valve (1)

Price: $199.99

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